Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel LUCKY... oh so LUCKY!

Well, this has been an exciting past few days. I entered a layout at the Scrapbookings Inn and the theme was Lucky. hmmm... funny. I wish I could post the picture but I didn't take one before I dropped it off at the store. You can see it on the website or on the wall in the store because I WON the contest. Woo hooo. Thanks Amy and the judges who chose my layout. I won an MP3 player and a little gift bag with a clear acrylic stamp set and acrylic block. The luck kept rolling, I also entered a little contest on Jenn of Campbell's Creations blog and I WON that too. Wait.. it gets better, I went to a pajama crop at the Store on Sunday. What is better then scrapping in your jammies? Plus what a yucky day it was, it was so nice to be inside scrapping away and boy, my luck was still rolling. I set a goal for myself to get 12 pages done. I probably would have gotten them all done, but Amy had a massage therapist there and I took a break and had a 20 minute massage and I was so relaxed it took me a little while to get back in the groove. So I only did 9 1/2 layouts. Back to my luck... they do a raffle drawing and I WON one of those too. Ok, OK now I feel like a prize hog. Can I tell you that I never win anything!! So this was my LUCKY weekend and I feel like it has changed because I have taken some things from the Secret and re-focused my goals and dreams and instead of always thinking "I can't win, I'm not that Lucky" I tell myself "I am so Lucky, I'm going to win everything I put my mind too" A little selfish I know, but I truly think it has worked. Luck is still on my side or should I say my mom's too. She went home from the hospital today. The only thing they could come up with being wrong was the pneomonia. The high fever from that is what made her get a little out of touch. Which scared us all. She is still very tired and doesn't have much energy, but I know she will be ok. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

So today I am so lucky and thankful for:

winning the March Scrap Challenge
my awesome husband
Kayla making it through initiation this weekend
Tyler's baseball team played a great game today
Jonathan & I hanging out together
my mom being home from the hospital
her feeling good enough to go home
my new MP3 player
Scrapping with new friends
entering challenges
getting my paycheck finally
the layouts I was able to get done
Amy for being such a positive influence!
9,975 steps so far today - I'm finally going to hit 10,000!
going to bed early tonight


  1. I am so happy to hear that your mom is home. You are very lucky in life... keep up the positive thoughts!

  2. Cogratulations Buffy! Great job! I checked it out on the site. I am also glad that your mom is home from the hospital. See you tonight.