Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a night....

Well, I had every intention of going to the Scrapbookings Inn tonight. I never called to say I was going to the class, but in my head I knew I wanted to enter Jenn's Challenge so I worked on it at home. I was gonna stop by there really quick so I could get home to watch the last ever episode of ER. hmmm.... how things change. My friend called me at 6PM to see if I was going to a our monthly Varsity W meeting. (that I totally forgot about) She said "you know we missed last month" ok so I felt obligated to go. Well, I thought I could go there, go bring my challenge to the store and still get home to watch ER since it was going to be on for 3 hours. Karen got a call from her daughter's cheerleading coach that she fell out of a stunt. YIKES! Long story short.... I didn't make it to the Inn, I didn't watch ER but I sat in an ER and got to watch a live ER in action. They rushed Kaitlyn in on a squad and we met it there. After a few tests, she has a cervical sprain and has to wear a neck brace for a week. Thank god she is ok. That was scary. The only bad part is she is leaving tomorrow for Ocean City, MD for a national cheerleading competition and now she can't compete. I wish her team all the best and I know they will be able to get it together and win another gold! I posted a picture of my layout for the challenge I missed. :( A little glare on the picture. I had to use alphabet stickers, chipboard, something old and 2 opposite colors on the color wheel. I am so happy to have this page too. This is the day my mom left to go back home last year after being here for Kayla's graduation. It kind of makes me really sad because, it's probably the last time she will ever be up here. Her health is just not good enough to fly anymore. Tomorrow is Friday! I still have some spots for my purse card holder class tomorrow night. et me know if you're interested. I need to get some sleep.

I'm so glad Kaitlyn is going to be ok.


  1. I am so sorry about Kaitlyn. I am glad she is okay. Your layout is beautiful! Thank you for playing along. I will be announcing the next challenge this weekend. I am home from school today, because Bryce was sick all day yesterday... good news he is fine today, so we are enjoying a relaxing day. I am going to try to make it to your class tonight if all are still well.

  2. How scary for Karen, but I'm glad that everyone is okay. How did your purse class go?