Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday Jonathan!

Today is Jonathan's birthday.We had a racing party for him on Friday night at the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. Jonathan and 7 of his friends (+ him, Kayla & Tyler) = 10 kids racing. It was AWESOME! They all had such a great time. I was never there before when I booked it. I only saw it online. I thought turning 16, what better then to drive cars(race cars?) We had big family/friends parties for Kayla & Tyler with a DJ, but Jonathan didn't want that, he just wanted a fun night with his fellas. He was always my daring one, Paint Ball Party, Rock Climbing Party. i couldn't imagine anything differently. Today I woke up not feeling so good, my stomach had such bad pains and my husband said well maybe it is second round labor pains, your baby is 16 today.... urrrgghhh So then I got thinking, wow 16 years have flown by so fast. I can still remember them wheeling me down to the O.R. for my surgery to have him and at that moment is when we named him.... all along I was thinking he was going to be a girl and we had the name picked and we never decided on the name for a boy. I looked at John and said what are we going to name this baby if it's a boy? We both said we don't want a John III. Jonathan Haven Allen it was - born at 11:28AM on April 12, 1993 16 years ago today. Haven is John and his dad's middle name so we stuck with that. Today we celebrate 16 wonderful years.

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