Sunday, April 5, 2009

My sister

I was just chatting with my sister - Becky on facebook. So my post today is going to be about her. She is my little sister and sometimes I think of her as my older sister. She can be so much more mature then me. I guess I still have the little kid in me. My mom lives with her and her family. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for my sister moving to Florida. My mom's health today is the reason why my sister moved there 3 years ago, I'm sure of it. Mom's health wasn't this bad when Becky first moved there, but things happen for a reason. She was at a point in her life that she could move and I wasn't. I know it must be very tough to keep a marriage and raise 2 small boys while also taking care of your sick mom. God hands us these things for a reason and I am sure it is to make us stronger and teach us a life lesson. Becky is a different person now that mom has been there for almost 10 months I think. Keep up the great work Becky! It is trying, I'm sure, but I am thankful for everything you do!

When Beck and I were younger we didn't get along that well as I'm sure most sisters don't when they are younger. It takes you to grow up and become adults to realize the importance of siblings (sisters especially) We shared a bedroom, bunkbeds to boot. God.... why do I have to share a room with my little sister? I could hear myself saying that. Now I say to myself, I want to sleep in the same room in bunkbeds with my sister again. So we could stay up all night laughing..... at NOTHING!! Before Becky moved to Florida she gave me the 2 most precious things in my life next to my husband and my kids.... my 2 nephews who I love to death. I had the opportunity to be in the delivery with her for both births and i feel I made my bond with each of them at those times just like a mother does. I didn't even see the birth of my own 3 kids (all c-sections). She moved to Florida before Gavin turned a year old. I go down to Florida every chance I can get. It's not always for a relaxing, fun get together time. (usually because mom is sick) At christmas time this past year my whole family went down to spend christmas and it was so nice to laugh and hangout. I reminded my sister how crazy I can be with just a LITTLE bit of alcohol. Those are the times I miss with my sister! (not drinking) Just crazy, laughing for no reason, stamping fun times. Plus.... spending every second I can with Brayden and Gavin. LOVE THEM! That's my long post about my sister. I miss her and Love her so much!
This Sunny Sunday morning I am thankful for:
my little sister
the nephews she gave me
that she is there to care for our mom
sharing bunkbeds
laughing at nothing
my trips to Florida to see them

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  1. This is a beautiful post to Becky. I can't even imagine all that Becky has to go through taking care of her family and her mom. I know last year when my mom did it for her grandmother it was so trying and she didn't have two little boys to take care. So Becky, we pray for you and your family and for the strength to take of your mom while you take care of yourself.