Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel LUCKY... oh so LUCKY!

Well, this has been an exciting past few days. I entered a layout at the Scrapbookings Inn and the theme was Lucky. hmmm... funny. I wish I could post the picture but I didn't take one before I dropped it off at the store. You can see it on the website or on the wall in the store because I WON the contest. Woo hooo. Thanks Amy and the judges who chose my layout. I won an MP3 player and a little gift bag with a clear acrylic stamp set and acrylic block. The luck kept rolling, I also entered a little contest on Jenn of Campbell's Creations blog and I WON that too. Wait.. it gets better, I went to a pajama crop at the Store on Sunday. What is better then scrapping in your jammies? Plus what a yucky day it was, it was so nice to be inside scrapping away and boy, my luck was still rolling. I set a goal for myself to get 12 pages done. I probably would have gotten them all done, but Amy had a massage therapist there and I took a break and had a 20 minute massage and I was so relaxed it took me a little while to get back in the groove. So I only did 9 1/2 layouts. Back to my luck... they do a raffle drawing and I WON one of those too. Ok, OK now I feel like a prize hog. Can I tell you that I never win anything!! So this was my LUCKY weekend and I feel like it has changed because I have taken some things from the Secret and re-focused my goals and dreams and instead of always thinking "I can't win, I'm not that Lucky" I tell myself "I am so Lucky, I'm going to win everything I put my mind too" A little selfish I know, but I truly think it has worked. Luck is still on my side or should I say my mom's too. She went home from the hospital today. The only thing they could come up with being wrong was the pneomonia. The high fever from that is what made her get a little out of touch. Which scared us all. She is still very tired and doesn't have much energy, but I know she will be ok. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

So today I am so lucky and thankful for:

winning the March Scrap Challenge
my awesome husband
Kayla making it through initiation this weekend
Tyler's baseball team played a great game today
Jonathan & I hanging out together
my mom being home from the hospital
her feeling good enough to go home
my new MP3 player
Scrapping with new friends
entering challenges
getting my paycheck finally
the layouts I was able to get done
Amy for being such a positive influence!
9,975 steps so far today - I'm finally going to hit 10,000!
going to bed early tonight

Thursday, March 26, 2009

White Horse STM Challenge

Here is my first ever online Scrapbook challenge. I am so excited to share and be a part of this challenge. Scrapping to music really gets you inspired and brings a whole new meaning to the pictures. This is Kayla's Senior pictures and her eyes really stand out... you could get lost in her eyes. The challenge was Taylor Swift's song White Horse and this is a verse from the song. Check out their website

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's cold outside....

Spring? Where is it? It's supposed to be beautiful when baseball games start. I went to Tyler's game today and ended up in my car around the 6th inning because I was so cold. I am looking forward to those nice sunshining days of enjoying watching Tyler play baseball. Bring on the sun....

Last night I had my first class at Scrapbookings Inn. Here are the pages you had the option of Stamping. I am glad I was able to make a page for each of my kids. Enjoy.

America Idol is on tonight so I have to make this short.

I look forward to taking part in the Goosfraba blog contests! Way to go Amy & Jen! Let me know if you need any input. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I went to what I thought was going to be a Design Team Meeting at the Scrapbookings Inn last and I must be so in the fog that I didn't update my calendar. The meeting was rescheduled to next Sunday. So we watched Anger Management. What a funny movie! So I am so frustrated right now about not knowing what is going on with my mom... Goosfraba will get me through the day and keep me from calling the Hospital and freaking out on someone. Goosfraba... say it... Goooooosfraba, it might really make you feel better, if anything laugh.
Thanks Amy, Jenny, Jen and Barb for listening and being able to sit and keep my mind occupied last night. I just wish I had brought some scrapbooking things.

Speaking of... I still have some spots available for my Stampin' in your Scrapbook class tomorrow night... 6:30 - 8:00. Let me know if you're interested.

Have a good day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Check out the frre give away on the blog above. I love FREE stuff, don't you? This is a new paper company. Good luck!


Last night John went out with some friends for a few drinks.... turned into a lot of drinks. Before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I had to be at the craft fair to set up at 8:00. I woke up at 6:30 to get everything ready. Kim called to tell me she would be there closer to 10AM. Thank goodness, I had a little more time. :) We got there and set up in time. What a day, we sold so much stuff and we both came home with $63. That's a lot of stamped stuff!! The day went by so fast.

Kayla and I then headed to Lehigh Valley Mall looking for a Formal Dress for her end of the year Dance. We didn't find any. She is going to borrow one from Courtney which is what I told her to do from the very beginning. Kids... they never listen.

Then... was the dreaded phone call. My sister called to tell me she called the squad to come take my mom to the hospital. My mom has not been feeling well all week with a cold. When my sister went in to check on her she wasn't herself and wasn't responding to her questions. So she became concerned and called the squad. I've been going back and forth on the phone for the past 3 hours. They can't figure out what is wrong with her other then she has a high fever and she was dehydrated. I can't really sleep, I'm trying to figure out if I should try to get a flight to Florida tomorrow. Maybe I'll just wait to see how her night goes.

I am thankful for my friend Karen and Amanda for being there for me tonight. Say a little prayer again for mom to bounce through this... yet another bump in the road.

Good night

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok so Amy threw me under the bus on this one so now I feel the challenge. The Secret says if you list 100 things you are thankful for it is supposed to change your attitudes. When she first showed me this script, I thought oh my gosh 100 things… I can’t do this! Thanks Amy for the motivation… I will do this! Start time 9:45AM

100. to have a job
99. my friends
98. my husband
97. my kids
96. that my daughter is doing GREAT in college
95. my son is going to graduate in June
94. Spring, tired of winter
93. my mom
92. my dad
91. Stampin’ Up!
90. my customers
89. Scrapbooking
88. Kim, my SU! Upline who has become one of my bestest
87. my SU! Sideline sisters
86. Longaberger Baskets
85. waking up to sunshine
84. the sun
83. the moon
82. the stars
81. my new tv
80. my new Partylite candles I ordered
79. the opportunity to teach at Scrapbookings Inn
78. my bestest Karen
77. the beach
76. learning new scrapbook layouts.
75. getting my nails done
74. My sister
73. my nephew Brayden
72. my nephew Gain
71. Kayla’s car is fixed
70. coffee
69. wine night with the girls
68. Dunkin Donut Latte’s
67. going to the gym in the morning
66. Quaterly Stamp A Stacks
65. My Stampin’ Up! Downline
64. Christmas
63. my birthday
62. going to Florida
61. airplanes to get me there faster
60. cupcakes
59. vacations
58. the beach
57. Black Friday Shopping
56. shopping with Kayla
55. Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store
54. Sunday’s with John
53. chocolate & peanut butter
52. my computer
51. girl scout cookies
50. my cell phone
49. texting
48. summer
49. driving with my windows down
48. my new van
47. Vera Bradley purses
46. my 3 healthy kids
45. my home
44. French fries
43. my SU! Workshops
42. the money from my Gold Party
41. pajamas
40. Sundays
39. learning new things
38. learning and understanding the Secret
37. every breath I take
36. the color pink
35. Stabucks
34. Clarks shoes (so comfy)
33. flipflops
32. traveling
31. my kids being happy
30. computer games
29. seeing my husband smile
28. my upcoming classes
27. Mickey Mouse
26. the Disney Princesses
25. watching my daughter cheer
24. listening to the kids play in the park
23. wrestling (not WWE)
22. watching my boys play baseball
21. going to my husbands softball games
20. coloring
19. my sweats
18. craft fairs
17. holidays
16. time spent with my family
15. Sunday dinners with my family
14. cooking on the grill
13. late nights on the deck with my friends
12. my newly found friends at Bunco
11. Sale-A-Bration Time to get free SU! Product
10. laughing at my dad’s dumb blonde jokes
9. my mom’s health at a stand still
8. my sister being there to take care of her
7. this blog, that I WILL being updating more frequently.
6. All-Star Cheerleading
5. The friends who have come and gone in my life
4. my contacts so I can see
3. post it notes to always jot down my to dos
2. music
1. Doctor’s to make me feel better when I am sick.

Finished 10:22. In between getting up to take care of customers since I was doing this at work. That is why I am thankful to have this job. Enjoy…. Think about this, 100 things to be thankful, I know there is so much more. Try it.

Happy Spring!

I am a bad blogger…
I am so into reading everyone’s, I forget to update mine.
It’s been almost 2 weeks. Well, I’ve been very busy.
I am going to Rita’s today for my FREE Italian Ice! Are you?
I figured I can since John and I started going to the gym last week I feel better already. The worst part about it is getting up since we go at 5:30AM! I start feeling a little mushy around lunch time, but the end result will make it worth it. J Gotta get my girlish figure going for the nice weather coming.

I am so excited for my first class at Scrapbookings Inn next Tuesday. I still have seats available if you are interested sign up here under events. I am teaching 4 classes there in April so check them out while you are at it.

Sale-A-Bration is coming to end. You still have time to order though! Contact me today so you can get some FREE product! I LOVE the Ribbon Bundle and the Designer Series Paper in the Sale-A-Bration mini!
As Sale-A-Bration is ending, I am gearing up for the NEW Occasions Mini that will be available April 1st. Some very cute Spring Stamp Sets, a NEW oval Scallop punch, etc… to find out more or you’d like a catalog or maybe even book a workshop in April contact me today I still have a few dates available.

Don’t forget to come see me at the Palmer Township Craft Fair tomorrow at the Charles Chrin Community Center from 9AM- 4PM and I will have a little treat for you. You can be one of the first to get your hands on a All Stampin’ Up! Scrapbook kit put together by Kim and I. We will have a lot of hand stamped gift items for Easter. See ya there!

Enjoy your first day of Spring I know I will. It’s Tyler’s first Varsity baseball game of the Season!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Monday!

Yesterday my upline had our monthly Group meeting. We talked about our next quaterly Stamp A Stack. We are going to change it up a bit. Our next one is going to be:
Friday Night May 29th
The Eastonian-Holiday Inn Express
90 Kunkle Dr.
Easton, PA 18045
(next to Don Pablo’s)
Contact me for further details!
We also talked about our Relay for Life team. We are a part of the Easton Chapter. Last year was our first time as a Stamp Group that we had a team and can I tell you what an AMAZING experience it was for me. I think I can say that on behalf of our whole group. I was a little torn it was graduation week, I had my parents and brother here from Florida and the day of the event was Kayla's graduation party. We did find time to walk though (6:30AM the day of the party Kayla & I were both there and walked our 2 miles.) We are looking for additional walkers, if you are interested get in contact with me. Jamie, one of the girls in our group wore a pedometer and walked like 34 miles through the whole 24 hour event. We each made some handstamped things to sell and set a goal of $1000 for our team and we doubled that and donated over $2000 to the American Cancer Society. Come back to my blog for more details.
Well, Kayla is back to school with her own car. Yes, it makes me a little scared. At least I don't have to drive out there now to pick her up every time she wants to come home. I was kind of getting excited for the warm weather though to go out and shop in Lancaster, now that I know it is only 10 minutes from her. I'll just have take day trips. :)
I took Tyler to the Dr this morning about his thumb, still broken but healing accordingly, still has to wear the brace. He is released to participate in gym.
Today I am thankful to have my job. On Friday they came in laid off one of my co-workers. It's really sad and I feel so bad for her. I am also thankful that Kayla made it safely back to school and only has about 6 weeks to go of her 1st year of college! ALREADY???
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Class at Diana's on Saturday

I know some of you were interested in what the project looks like for Diana's class this Saturday. I was waiting for my Stampin' Up! order to come so I could make the sample. Here you go. This is a stationary box with 3 all occasion greeting cards with envelopes, 3 little gift cards, 3 gift tags and a coordinating box with an address book, postage stamp holder and pen to store everything. You will be able to sit down and write out a card or gift tag with everything at your fingertips. Once you use all of the cards, just keep restocking. Let me know if you are interested in having your own class with your friends to make this Stationary Box. The Designer Paper I used was Stampin' Up! Bella Rose.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scrapbooking with the girls...

Last night I scrapbooked with my Crazy Croppers. I started scrapbooking over 9 years ago. I love to make and do all different kinds of crafts. Kayla has been a cheerleader since she was in Kindergarden. When she was in 3rd grade I decided to take on the task of being the cheerleading coach. Back then it was before all these All Star Cheerleading teams were established. So cheering for a Rec team was very competitive and we held tryouts. I decided to coach the Varsity team (the top 16 girls that try out made my team) well, Kayla didn't make my team. So here I was already a coach and not coaching my daughter, anyway I coached for 7 years and Kayla was only ever on my team 2 times. During my coaching years is when I met one my best friend today. Her daughter was on my team and I asked her to be my assistant. Our girls weren't that good of friends, but we became the best of friends. Courtney and Kayla (our daughters) decided to take a gymnastics class together, so we all became closer. During this time my friend Karen introduced me to "Scrapbooking" She and her friends started having Creative Memories parties and so I became hooked. My sister and I took a Scrapbooking 101 class at a local Scrapbooking Store (which is now closed) There were about 10 of us Crazy Croppers at one time and we got together every Friday night or Saturday afternoon to scrap, each of us taking turns hosting. It was a chance for our kids to all hang out and all of us mom's to scrap pictures of them. We did this for about 4 years before our kids started getting involved in different activities and it was hard to take the time to all get together, so we all were scrapping at our own pace. Now after about 5 years 4 of us started to do it again. Every Friday. During those years we were all together we would go to Scrapbook Conventions, take road trips to different Scrapbook Stores all over. It built lasting friendships. Now that some of us have kids in College, kids are driving, working..... it is nice that we get together with no kids and just hangout. I am so thankful for the art of Scrapbooking to give me the friends and relationships I have with these ladies!
So the pages I have here.... back to Cheerleading. When Kayla & Courtney were in 6th & 5th grade the place they were going to gymnastics at decided to make one of those "All-Star" teams. It didn't work out there (not enough girls) but they were introduced to another coach and team Liner All-Stars in Phillipsburg, NJ. Through a lot of changes and DRAMA Kayla cheered for this team for 4 years until she was in 10th grade. They would go to Walt Disney World in Florida every February for Nationals. This is how far behind I've become in scrapbooking, these pages are from Nationals 2006. Her last yea cheering for the All-Star team they placed 9 in the Country! Amazing... I'm so proud of her, going from not being able to make my little Rec Varsity team, to being an All-Star top 10 in the Country to Making the Cheerleading team at millersville where she goes to college. So my one page is half of a layout that I made at the Scrapbookings Inn. Jen's Quick Creations Class is great. Be sure to check out her classes at I'm taking a class there today I'm so excited for. I better get going to get ready.
Tyler made the Varsity Baseball team and I have a parents meeting this morning.
Have a wonderful day! Thankful for the sun and beautiful day it's going to be!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pray for my mom's speedy recovery

My mom had surgery yesterday to put a new permanent port in for her dialysis. My sister called to tell me they came to get her at 9:30AM for the surgery, as of 2:00PM no word yet. Finally my sister went to the hospital at 3:45PM and there was my mom laying in her bed. NO ONE CALLED MY SISTER!!!!! urrgghhhh as that wasn't enough, they left my mom laying there with just a blanket on no hospital gown or anything and they didn't even clean her up from all the iodine. So my sister calls me and tells me it looks like she was bleeding out of her ear and dried blood everywhere. Thanks for the details Beck! I was sure it was just iodine. When she called me I could hear my mom moaning in pain. Broke my heart. She said this was the most pain she has been in a while. Once she got her pain pill she was ok. I called her this morning and she slept in the reclining chair in her room, it felt better for her to sit up. She had to take her pain pills every 3 hours. She still sounded a little groggy. The Dr. told me when I was down there he is not letting her go home this time until she is at her BEST and it is going to take time. I know she is having a not so good day today, but there are plenty of better ones ahead! We have to take the bad with the good, right! I'm still praying everyday for mom's speedy recovery.

K & B Layouts

Last night my friend Kim(I could say upline, SU has brought us together and I consider her one of my dearest friends!) and I were stamping and making some things to sell for our upcoming Craft Fair at the Palmer Community Center on March 21st from 10AM-4PM. There is a Scrapbooking Crop going on at the same time so we thought it would be great to make up an Exclusive Scrapbook kit to sell. (All Stampin' Up! of course) So, when we were done I made the comment, hmmm K&B Layouts sounds kinda catchyy? hahahaha I'm waiting for Kim to post a picture so I can add it. Check back for details. We made a few really cute Easter things, be sure to come see us at the Craft Fair, tell me you read about it on my blog and I will have a little gift for you. Thanks Kim for getting together to Stamp. I love when Tony is out of town, I get to have dinner with Kim, Grace & Nicholas, thanks for the pizza and salad it was yummy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On Sunday Erica was the hostess of a Stamp-A-Stack in her home with 7 of her friends and these are the cards they made. Notice the one card (with Pretty in Pink) see it in a previous post, just changed the stamps around and there you go a different card. They had a great time and now they are ready to go to with birthday cards for any upcoming child's birthday. Contact me today to schedule your own workshop or class.

Wow... time flies. It's been over a week since I posted. I have done so much this past week. Left for Florida on Tuesday to visit my sister and mom and my two little nephews who I love to pieces! See them here?

Mom was supposed to have surgery but it was cancelled at the last minute due to her health. I continued on with my visit though. Thanks god though. We took her to dialysis on Thursday and we were told to bring her to the Hospital because the infection in her blood was back and they need to get the catheter out of her neck and prepare her for another surgery to put a ne one in. See, there was a reason why I kept my trip as planned. There is nothing worse then those calls from my sister or dad to tell me she is in the hospital again and be 1000 miles away worrying. At least I was there this time to see she really is ok. We went back and forth to the hospital all of Thursday and Friday. They took the bad port out and put a temporary one in Friday and they have to wait until the infection is completely out of her system to do the other surgery. I hated to leave her Friday night. Did I mention I bought the book The Secret as I was so inspired by Amy the owner of the Scrapbookings Inn. After reading it almost half way through by the time my flight landed in Florida, I knew my mom was going to be ok if I left. I am slowly understanding the meaning of the secret. I need to keep going back for a reminder. It's amazing how differently you think though and I do believe in the secret.

I am thankful for my trip to Florida to spend time with my family.
I'm also thankful for my husband that took care of everything while I was away and who always understands me with no questions asked.
My flight left Tampa, FL at 6:40AM and I was greeted at Allentown airport by John and Kayla (yeah she is on spring break this week!) then we went and met the boys and their friends for breakfast. We finally found a table to put under our NEW TV. So thankful for this too.