Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scrapbooking with the girls...

Last night I scrapbooked with my Crazy Croppers. I started scrapbooking over 9 years ago. I love to make and do all different kinds of crafts. Kayla has been a cheerleader since she was in Kindergarden. When she was in 3rd grade I decided to take on the task of being the cheerleading coach. Back then it was before all these All Star Cheerleading teams were established. So cheering for a Rec team was very competitive and we held tryouts. I decided to coach the Varsity team (the top 16 girls that try out made my team) well, Kayla didn't make my team. So here I was already a coach and not coaching my daughter, anyway I coached for 7 years and Kayla was only ever on my team 2 times. During my coaching years is when I met one my best friend today. Her daughter was on my team and I asked her to be my assistant. Our girls weren't that good of friends, but we became the best of friends. Courtney and Kayla (our daughters) decided to take a gymnastics class together, so we all became closer. During this time my friend Karen introduced me to "Scrapbooking" She and her friends started having Creative Memories parties and so I became hooked. My sister and I took a Scrapbooking 101 class at a local Scrapbooking Store (which is now closed) There were about 10 of us Crazy Croppers at one time and we got together every Friday night or Saturday afternoon to scrap, each of us taking turns hosting. It was a chance for our kids to all hang out and all of us mom's to scrap pictures of them. We did this for about 4 years before our kids started getting involved in different activities and it was hard to take the time to all get together, so we all were scrapping at our own pace. Now after about 5 years 4 of us started to do it again. Every Friday. During those years we were all together we would go to Scrapbook Conventions, take road trips to different Scrapbook Stores all over. It built lasting friendships. Now that some of us have kids in College, kids are driving, working..... it is nice that we get together with no kids and just hangout. I am so thankful for the art of Scrapbooking to give me the friends and relationships I have with these ladies!
So the pages I have here.... back to Cheerleading. When Kayla & Courtney were in 6th & 5th grade the place they were going to gymnastics at decided to make one of those "All-Star" teams. It didn't work out there (not enough girls) but they were introduced to another coach and team Liner All-Stars in Phillipsburg, NJ. Through a lot of changes and DRAMA Kayla cheered for this team for 4 years until she was in 10th grade. They would go to Walt Disney World in Florida every February for Nationals. This is how far behind I've become in scrapbooking, these pages are from Nationals 2006. Her last yea cheering for the All-Star team they placed 9 in the Country! Amazing... I'm so proud of her, going from not being able to make my little Rec Varsity team, to being an All-Star top 10 in the Country to Making the Cheerleading team at millersville where she goes to college. So my one page is half of a layout that I made at the Scrapbookings Inn. Jen's Quick Creations Class is great. Be sure to check out her classes at I'm taking a class there today I'm so excited for. I better get going to get ready.
Tyler made the Varsity Baseball team and I have a parents meeting this morning.
Have a wonderful day! Thankful for the sun and beautiful day it's going to be!


  1. I'm so glad you and your friends have started your "tradition" again, great pages!!

  2. I'm glad you started your "tradition" again. Those layouts are great!

  3. Oops, I didn't mean to do that twice! I'm still learning!