Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok so Amy threw me under the bus on this one so now I feel the challenge. The Secret says if you list 100 things you are thankful for it is supposed to change your attitudes. When she first showed me this script, I thought oh my gosh 100 things… I can’t do this! Thanks Amy for the motivation… I will do this! Start time 9:45AM

100. to have a job
99. my friends
98. my husband
97. my kids
96. that my daughter is doing GREAT in college
95. my son is going to graduate in June
94. Spring, tired of winter
93. my mom
92. my dad
91. Stampin’ Up!
90. my customers
89. Scrapbooking
88. Kim, my SU! Upline who has become one of my bestest
87. my SU! Sideline sisters
86. Longaberger Baskets
85. waking up to sunshine
84. the sun
83. the moon
82. the stars
81. my new tv
80. my new Partylite candles I ordered
79. the opportunity to teach at Scrapbookings Inn
78. my bestest Karen
77. the beach
76. learning new scrapbook layouts.
75. getting my nails done
74. My sister
73. my nephew Brayden
72. my nephew Gain
71. Kayla’s car is fixed
70. coffee
69. wine night with the girls
68. Dunkin Donut Latte’s
67. going to the gym in the morning
66. Quaterly Stamp A Stacks
65. My Stampin’ Up! Downline
64. Christmas
63. my birthday
62. going to Florida
61. airplanes to get me there faster
60. cupcakes
59. vacations
58. the beach
57. Black Friday Shopping
56. shopping with Kayla
55. Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store
54. Sunday’s with John
53. chocolate & peanut butter
52. my computer
51. girl scout cookies
50. my cell phone
49. texting
48. summer
49. driving with my windows down
48. my new van
47. Vera Bradley purses
46. my 3 healthy kids
45. my home
44. French fries
43. my SU! Workshops
42. the money from my Gold Party
41. pajamas
40. Sundays
39. learning new things
38. learning and understanding the Secret
37. every breath I take
36. the color pink
35. Stabucks
34. Clarks shoes (so comfy)
33. flipflops
32. traveling
31. my kids being happy
30. computer games
29. seeing my husband smile
28. my upcoming classes
27. Mickey Mouse
26. the Disney Princesses
25. watching my daughter cheer
24. listening to the kids play in the park
23. wrestling (not WWE)
22. watching my boys play baseball
21. going to my husbands softball games
20. coloring
19. my sweats
18. craft fairs
17. holidays
16. time spent with my family
15. Sunday dinners with my family
14. cooking on the grill
13. late nights on the deck with my friends
12. my newly found friends at Bunco
11. Sale-A-Bration Time to get free SU! Product
10. laughing at my dad’s dumb blonde jokes
9. my mom’s health at a stand still
8. my sister being there to take care of her
7. this blog, that I WILL being updating more frequently.
6. All-Star Cheerleading
5. The friends who have come and gone in my life
4. my contacts so I can see
3. post it notes to always jot down my to dos
2. music
1. Doctor’s to make me feel better when I am sick.

Finished 10:22. In between getting up to take care of customers since I was doing this at work. That is why I am thankful to have this job. Enjoy…. Think about this, 100 things to be thankful, I know there is so much more. Try it.

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for adding me to the list! You know I feel the same way about you