Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

So here is part of my challenge for happie2scrap4life's Halloween Hop Blog Candy. This is my first digital scrapbook page. It was so quick and easy. I really love to do the hands on scrapbooking, but for a quick page to make, this was so much fun. One challenge was to post a scrapbook page with costumes. I thought it was so cute when Kayla and her friends dressed up as the Spice Girls. All my kids are too old to dress up and go Trick Or Treating, boy I'm gonna miss those days. Now I will just sit on my porch looking at all of the little kids and their costumes! Thanks Jenn for motivating me to scrap tonight. (even if it was just a digital page) Happy Halloween! My favorite candy is... ALL OF THEM! Not too many I don't like other then sour stuff.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Digital Studio by SU!

I'm still learning. I feel like I had so much pressure to get this done. In order to get the Stampin' Up! Certification I had until this Saturday to watch 4 one hour long Webinars and take quizzes for each one then make and submit my own card. I think I'm going to love this digital thing. It is so easy to use. If you want to learn how to use My Digital Studio, it's not just for Scrapbooking let me know. I'm gonna go work on my x-mas gifts. Enjoy....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Blog-i-versary Jen!

Today is my friend Jen's 1 year blog-i-versary and she is giving away some blog candy! Wouldn't you like some candy and get this... NO CALORIES! You just need your creativity to use it! Check out her blog to apply!
Happy Blog-i-versary Jen!

My Digital Studio

YEAH!!!!! I got it! I got it! I got my own My Digital Studio in my order yesterday! I'm so excited to play around with it! Too bad I'm at work today, I could be home creating! I wasn't sure I was gonna love it, but I think I do and I am only just beginning. Check back for some updates on my progress. If you'd like to purchase your own or earn it at a discount, contact me today!

I have been so busy lately with Workshops and Craft Fairs, I almost for got to blog. I really need to update with pictures.

Anyway that is my news for today!! MY DIGITAL STUDIO ROCKS!!!! Digital Scrapbooking /Card Making is the NEW Hot HOBBY!

Have a terrific day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Stamp A Stack

You still have time to sign up for our Stamp A Stack for next Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express in Easton. If you're interested contact me before Sunday, October 18th. You can go to my website for details.

Last month we celebrated Kayla's 20th Birthday by going out to Millersville to take her out to lunch and watch her cheer at the football game. Well what do you know? It rained..... it seems everytime we go out there we bring rain with us. I felt so bad for the girls standing out there in the pouring down rain. We were able to stand under the bleachers and watch her cheer. Couldn't see the game, but they aren't very interesting anyway. They lost like 64-17 :(
We went to the mall where the boys made her a Build A Bear for her birthday. They bought clothes that match Kayla's style just perfect. I made her a gift bag with Stampin' Up!'s NEW Build A Bear Workshop dies for the Big Shot. How convenient? I made her bear on the gift bag to match her Cheerleading uniform. Gosh.. how I love paper dolls.


Did I just hear the forcast right? We can't possibly be getting snow before Halloween? I'm not ready for this.
I wish I had my camera with me at work so I could upload the pictures of what I've been working on. They are having a baby shower for Kayla's cheerleading coach this Saturday so I made a Memory Can. My friend Karen knew I had to make this so she asked me to make one for one of her fellow employees whom they are having a shower for today after school. I am truely loving these things right now. I am going to be working on some more tonight to make for an upcoming Craft Fair at Bangor Elementary School this Saturday. I will upload the pictures later today. Speaking of Craft Fairs.... This is my second one this season so far. I have 2 planned for the Fall and 3 planned for Christmas Craft Fairs. I am starting to get my Christmas things together and getting excited for the Holidays. We are going to Disney World for Thanksgiving which makes me very excited! I LOVE... LOVE...LOVE Disney! So to be there at one of my favorite holidays in one of my most favorite places on earth..... I am so EXCITED!!!!

Well back to work for a bit. I hope to post pictures when I get home today. Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm back up and running as a blogger!

Ok.... so school is back (I know for a month now) and things are starting to be back to "MY" schedule. One of the things on my schedule is to try and blog everyday if not, every other day.
So here I go.