Thursday, October 15, 2009


Did I just hear the forcast right? We can't possibly be getting snow before Halloween? I'm not ready for this.
I wish I had my camera with me at work so I could upload the pictures of what I've been working on. They are having a baby shower for Kayla's cheerleading coach this Saturday so I made a Memory Can. My friend Karen knew I had to make this so she asked me to make one for one of her fellow employees whom they are having a shower for today after school. I am truely loving these things right now. I am going to be working on some more tonight to make for an upcoming Craft Fair at Bangor Elementary School this Saturday. I will upload the pictures later today. Speaking of Craft Fairs.... This is my second one this season so far. I have 2 planned for the Fall and 3 planned for Christmas Craft Fairs. I am starting to get my Christmas things together and getting excited for the Holidays. We are going to Disney World for Thanksgiving which makes me very excited! I LOVE... LOVE...LOVE Disney! So to be there at one of my favorite holidays in one of my most favorite places on earth..... I am so EXCITED!!!!

Well back to work for a bit. I hope to post pictures when I get home today. Enjoy your Thursday!

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