Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I just posted about Jonathan's Birthday. Today is Easter though. I wish everyone a Happy Easter! This has been a crazy week for me. We were so busy at work, then yesterday I had a DAY LONG of stamping classes. Which was such a great time! My first one at Sheri's they made word albums as you see pictured above and they also made clothespin picture holders. They all loved their projects. Then I headed down to the Scrabookings Inn to teach everyone how to make a whole 6x6 Scrapbook in just under 3 hours out of 1/2 of a Simply Scrappin' Kit. What beautiful books everyone made. I had a blast today. My day was not over though. I was really hungry and Amy asked if anyone wanted to join her at Crossroads for a drink and something to eat. I was all for it. Her Jenny and I went and I was glad they invited me. I always knew Amy was an inspiration to me and something connected us and after a few Toasted Almonds and some conversation it became apparent that we both have a deep connection and share a lot of the same life situations. Even though they are all not good ones, it is still nice to have someone to share them with who can relate and not be judgemental. I was glad Jenny was able to talk to me about some of the things she's been going through this week. It makes you feel better when you talk about what you are going through and your thoughts. It's also better when you have positive people around you to talk you through it. I am grateful for Jenny and Amy to allow me to open up last night because it makes me feel better. Everytime I tell my story it just makes it that much easier to take a positive step forward, that I am a good person. I am so happy to have 2 new friends that I can trust and count on when I need it. I am usually a very quiet person when it comes to my personal life and I just opened up to them like we have known each other forever.
Thanks again girls for a good night!
From there I went home to play Easter bunny and put 3 baskets together. When do kids grow out of this again? Just kidding, I love every holiday and making the kids day brighter. We had a lovely day today. Dinner at my sister-in-laws sisters house, egg hunt with ALL the kids (even my 19 year old daughter.) Then Kayla had to leave to go back to school and here I am updating my blog since I am so far behind. I think I am going to set a goal to post at least 2 times a week. I should be able to handle that.
Today I am thankful for
my family all together
Toasted Almonds
chocolate, chocolate & more Chocolate
Jonathan's 16th Birthday
Kayla getting back to school safely
confiding in friends
life situations
my mom sounded so good today!


  1. I love ya Buffy! Thanks for last night! I cannot get over how we think our blogs are so similar!

  2. Buffy, I love the friends scrapbook. I NEED to make that.

  3. Hey Buffy-how beautiful that you had your evening out, it sounds like your heart welcomed the fellowship. (((hugs)))
    Good to hear your Easter was fun-I'll need some tips as to what to put in the kids baskets as they get older, lol.
    Have a good one!!