Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Tyler!

Well, I should really be in bed, but I took a little nap today so now I can't sleep.

Busy weekend.... Stamp A Stack went great. My new Stamp Club is forming and I am so excited to start stamping with Marge and her friends.

John got his wish... I new 52 in Sony Bravia LCD TV. I'm so glad he did all of the research before hand, I don't think I could of handled standing around looking at TV's all day. He knew what he wanted and we went and bought it. YEAH! We had our friend Tom come and set up all the electrical work so when we hang it on the wall there are no wires hanging down. It looks AWESOME! Of course he needed the feeling of being in the movie theater all the time so he had to get a new surround sound system. I really do feel like I am at the movies. Maybe I'll have to have a wine and movie night for the girls.....hmmmm more info at another time. hahaha enough about the TV.

Today was Tyler's 18th Birthday. We asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. He wanted to go skiing. He said I never did it so "I want to try it out." Ok Tyler if that's what you want. Last night him and a couple of friends went up to Blue Mountain. Well after paying $60 and taking an hour to go down the slope one time, hyper extending his thumb... he decided skiing wasn't for him. Which I could have told him before he left the house. kids.... I tell ya. So we laid around all morning watching movies on the *NEW* TV. We love Finding Nemo, my TV looked like a giant aquarium. Tyler's favorite place to eat believe it or not is Friendly's so that was his choice for dinner. uuugh not my favorite place. It's not like we even went for the dessert either because I make my own ice cream cakes for the kids on their birthdays. The picture above is Tyler & John with the ice cream cake.
That was my weekend now back to work for one day before I had to Florida for the rest of the week. My nephews are so excited to see me for the 2nd time in less then 2 months. It's usually only 2 times a year. Happy Monday!

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