Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Wow... I had my first downline meeting in months. We have all been goining to my upline's meetings for the past year or so and I decided that I would start holdong my own again. I am glad we are back to our small group again. It was a lot of fun this morning. I gave them some tips and some tools to go out to  meet new people and promote what they do. If you loved what you do wouldn't you? Let the world know. I love to teach people how to be creative and make projects. Most people say oh I'm not creative... well that's what I love.. to be able to show them EVERYONE is creative and can do what I do. Here are the swaps that I recieved today.
This is from Eileen, love this embossing technique

Here is Jen's. This stamp reminds me of the Campbell Soup Kids.. LOVE IT!

Here is Donna's... Do you believe this is the Ornament punch?? How stinkin' cute?

I could remember a day that all of these ladies were saying they weren't as creative as me? hmm... I think I taught them well. We also have a lot of resources as Demonstrators. If you'd like to learn about that contact me today. Stampin' Up! has an AWESOME special starting September 1st for new Demonstrators that sign up:

We are excited to announce September's recruiting promotion, where new Stampin' Up! demonstrators will receive a FREE Greenhouse Gala Craft Tote (a $39.95 value) with their Starter Kit!
Wouldn't you just love to have this? I'd love to have you join my team!


  1. Great swaps at your downline meeting, Buffy. You have a talented group there.